Sunday, August 1, 2010

Phi Ta Khon "Mask of Faith"

Phi Ta Khon ia a native performance of folk art. Most of the performers are young boys and teenagers, who dress up as different kinds of grotesque ghosts. The creative outfits are made from old rags, mosquito nets, bedding or even torn blankets. Each "ghost" wears a mask fashioned out of a bammboo steamer. The bamboo is bound with coconut stalks to form a hat; painted with oil colors; punched with eye holes; and as a finishing touch, a long nose like and elephant's trunk or bat wings ia added.

In the second days before sunset, the end of the Phi Ta Khon performance is marked by throwing away the ghostly costumes into the Man River. This is a symbolic act to represent discarding sorrow and bad luck into the river of no return.

Location : Loei

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