Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Koh Kret

Although officially located in Nonthaburi Province, Koh Kret is reasonably accessible from Bangkok. An island in the middle of the Chao Phraya River, Koh Kret was founded in the Thonburi era and is home to ethnic Mons whose ancestors set up ‘Kwarn Ar-marn’ (pottery village) on the Island after their capital was attacked by the Burmese. The island is famous for blood-red, Mon-style pottery called ‘Hai’ which is still made on the island today. The islanders’ produce is regarded as the most beautiful of all unglazed pottery available and is, of course, hand made. Visitors can attend demonstrations of craftsmen’s skills at the island’s earthenware museum. The island is also famed for its Thai desserts (‘Khanom’) and houses a number of Mon style temples.

Although Koh Kret could very easily have become a ‘traditional way of life’ theme park, tourism to the island is limited and a result of the pottery made there - not the other way around. If visitors stopped going to Koh Kret, the pottery would continue. As such, Koh Kret is probably Bangkok’s best example of a traditional way of life.

Location : Nonthaburi

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